Picking the right front door is an important decision. Of course, it should be aesthetically pleasing to complement the design of your home and increase its value. But the door should also be durable, withstanding wind, constant sun exposure, rain and snow while keeping out unwelcome guests. Finding all of these qualities in a single door can be a tough job. Before you start researching front door options, there are a few things to consider that can help you narrow down your search.

New doors may require new door framing

Replacing your front door often requires replacement of more than the door itself. Old door framing may be damaged or rotted. This includes the threshold and door jambs. Additionally, the wall studs that hold the frame in place may have bowed and settled out of the square. Under these circumstances, even a new front door could still be difficult to open and close. If this sounds like your current situation, you should consider shopping prehung doors. Prehung doors hang on hinges in a new frame and make it easier to replace the door and frame in one shot. Just be sure to check that all components come from the same manufacturer so that all parts are a perfect fit.

This stage of the process is also a great time to pay attention to the jamb size and whether you need a left- or right-hand door. You’ll need to make these selections early on.

Choose the right front door material

When it comes to front doors, there are four key materials used: wood, steel, fibreglass-composite and aluminum. The one you choose will depend on your home’s specific needs as well as the weather in your area.

Wood doors are available in different types and come as solid wood or engineered wood covered with veneer skins. These doors are typically painted or stained on-site. They give your home a natural look, but they’re subject to warping, shrinking and swelling and may require frequent maintenance.

Steel doors usually consist of a steel or wood frame encased in a steel skin and filled with a high-density form. They’re extremely durable and secure. However, they’re prone to heat build-up and sun damage, which causes peeling and a breakdown of the weather stripping.

Fibreglass-composite doors are durable like steel, but they’re also energy efficient and require little maintenance. They’re designed to look like wood doors but are usually made of wood framing and foam insulation and covered with fibreglass skins. They perform well in tough climates but they can be pricey and may require resealing.

Lastly, aluminum doors share the same pros and cons as steel doors. But unlike steel doors, aluminum doors have a baked-on enamel finish, which means painting and rust aren’t concerns.

Select a door with strong security potential

You want your new front door to look good, and you want it to last, but it should also keep you and your loved ones safe. The door should have solid-core construction so it isn’t easily broken down or kicked open. The door should also have high-quality materials for its hardware, locks and glass, if applicable. The more premium these door parts are, the more secure you’ll be.

You can test your door’s construction by pushing a pin into the surface. Does the pin slide in easily? That means your door has hollow construction, and these types of doors are easy to break into. You won’t have a chance of getting that pin through a solid-core door unless you use a hammer.

Choose a door that allows access for a variety of activities

It’s critical to think about access to your door. Maybe you need to move heavy furniture into your house but you just can’t get that bed frame through. The size of your door and door frame can be an issue here. If you anticipate a lot of atypical traffic through your front door, consider a larger door and frame as you shop for selections.

You should also choose your doorknobs, handles and locks carefully. Think about how practical it will be to use these features day in and day out.

Think about style

Durability and safety might take priority, but style still matters. Think about whether you’d like glass features to let in natural light or wood carvings to add a sense of whimsy. Also think about choosing finishes – polyester or laminate – to ensure that any material still fits in with your home’s architecture.

Initially, it might seem like choosing a new front door is as simple as settling on your favorite look. But it’s a decision that requires research and scrutiny. VDK Group can help you make the right choice. Contact us today to get started.

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