At VDK Group, we are dedicated to creating an environment that is accessible to individuals with disabilities. This involves identifying and removing obstacles that prevent equal access to our products, services, and spaces. We strive to make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, and here are some ways we achieve that goal:

  • We promote an inclusive culture by educating our staff on disability awareness and etiquette, and ensuring that our policies and practices reflect a commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • We provide accessible facilities to ensure that our physical environment is accommodating for everyone.
  • We offer accessible digital content, such as captions for pictures and videos, voice-to-text options, and text alternatives.
  • We train our staff on how to interact with people with disabilities in a respectful and inclusive manner, providing assistance and support when needed while respecting their independence and autonomy.
  • We encourage feedback from all individuals, including those with disabilities, to continuously improve our services.

By fostering a welcoming and inclusive culture, providing accessible facilities and digital content, training staff, and encouraging feedback, VDK Group remains committed to eliminating barriers for accessibility and creating an environment where everyone feels welcome and comfortable, regardless of their abilities.

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